If you're wondering what a vape is, here's what you need to know.

What is Vape?

An electronic cigarette (English: electronic cigarette, e-cigarette, e-cig) is a smoking device in which dried leaves or liquid is atomized into an aerosol by heat generated by an electric heating wire controlled by a microprocessor and inhaled by the user.

Meet Vape

Vape seems to be spreading a little bit in Japan. When I temporarily returned to Japan last year, I found a Vape store in the Ueno area. In my case, I am a non-smoker, so it did not catch my antennae at all in Japan.

However, I became aware of its existence after I was stationed in Indonesia. On TikTok, which was exploding in Indonesia at the time, I saw people making vape vapor into a straw or taking it out of their mouths and inhaling it into their noses (carp climbing up a waterfall) in time with a song, and I thought, “That looks interesting...”. I thought, “That looks interesting...”. Not long after that, TikTok itself was banned in Indonesia...

I wonder what it is. This feeling of being attracted to toys like Jitterling, X-Gyro, Asarato, and others that reek of Lang's Japan. I love the minor sense that the more advanced the technology becomes, the more it becomes relatively lame.

Vape is surprisingly good!

An Indonesian friend told me about an appropriate vape store, and I went there to buy one. (I ended up not being able to do the vapour trick (clumsy), but I got into vaping more than I thought I would.

It is refreshing to have a lot of vapor. I've been trying to get non-smokers to buy vapes and vape with me. I have an impression that vape is trying to make non-smokers feel like they are not bothering anyone, but vape kicked that off. A single puff produces a tremendous amount of vapor. It's like a rice cooker just before cooking. Even after a hard day's work, you can exhale with a big sigh....

It doesn't stink. Even iQOS, which has been rubbing off on me, actually smells pretty bad. Coffee and iQOS heavy users give off quite a numbing aroma even when they are not smoking, but vape does not. In addition to the vapor making it difficult for the scent particles to stick to your hair, clothes, etc., the liquid flavors, which range from fruity to minty and everything in between, waft out for a moment with a slightly subdued sweet vapor that quickly dissipates.

It can be smoked for a bit. The liquid is heated by the battery and the vapor is inhaled, so it can be inhaled only for a breath and then stopped. On the other hand, it can be smoked endlessly.

In Indonesia, the male smoking rate in 2016 was 76.1%, which is the second highest in the world (the Japanese smoking rate was 33.7% for males, ranking 70th), following East Timor's 78.1%, which is the highest in the world.

Therefore, there are environments where you can smoke everywhere, and there are quite a few smokers in the workplace. Especially when I first came here, I really appreciated the opportunity to talk with them.

What do you use, where can I buy it, etc.?

For stores, just type in “Vape” in Google map and you will find many places.... In Indonesia, they are always doing “Promo” and “discount”, so it's better to check the online sales as well. I have listed some recommended wholesale vape manufacturers at the end of this article.

In Indonesia, nicotine-containing liquid is the mainstream. Unlike Japan, where nicotine-containing liquids cannot be sold due to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, almost all products bought in Indonesia contain nicotine. Both the body and the liquid are available in local, Malaysian, and U.S. products, and the prices vary.

I am currently using I mainly use “Aegis solo | Best Vapes by GeekVape”. I bought it for Rp. 600,000 (about 4,500 Japanese Yen). There are some very cheap ones, but they don't have any protection function. Are you smoking a bomb? Be careful.

In recent years, POD (pod) type vapes have become increasingly popular. What is a POD vape? We will introduce the advantages and disadvantages as well. Finally, we also introduce some recommendations for POD-type vapes, so please take a look at them.

What is a POD vape?

A POD (pod) type vape is a type of vape in which the liquid in the pod is inhaled.

There are two main types of pods: those that are already filled with liquid and those that you fill with liquid yourself. The most famous pre-filled type is JUUL in overseas markets, it's made by China vape manufacturer,and myblu in local market made in Japan.

On the other hand, there are also types that can be filled with liquid and replaced with the liquid of one's choice.

Both types of vapes have one thing in common: they are easy to use.

Vape vapes are used by injecting liquid into an atomizer, but there are problems with leakage and the need to wind the coil yourself, which is time-consuming.

On the other hand, with a POD vape, all you have to do is replace the pod.

Winding your own coils and customizing your vape is one of the appeals of vaping, and this type of ease of use has been attracting a growing number of users in recent years.

Advantages of POD Vape

What are the other advantages of the POD vape?

There are many more advantages than just the ease of converting pods.

For one thing, the size is just right: Vape vapes can be roughly divided into pen-type vapes and box-type vapes, and the pod-type vape is somewhere in between.

The POD type vape is about the same size as a pen or a box, and is moderately heavy, making it easy to carry around.

In Japan, myblu is limited to myblu, but another advantage is the convenience of being able to purchase pods at convenience stores.

When you start vaping, you will need various things such as coils, cotton, 18650 batteries, etc. if you want to build with RBA.

On the other hand, a POD vape only needs a body and liquid to start vaping, so it can be said that it is an entry model recommended for beginners.

Disadvantages of POD Vape

On the other hand, POD vape has not only advantages.

Pre-filled pods like myblu and JUUL cannot be filled with liquid by themselves, so you cannot customize the flavors.

Each company offers a large variety of flavors, so it's not a problem...

If you want to fill your pods with your favorite liquid, you can use compatible cartridges.

Recommendation of POD Vape

Finally, here are some recommendations for POD vapes.

If you are considering purchasing a POD vape, please take a look at them.

1) myblu

This is the only POD vape sold in Japan that can be purchased at convenience stores.

Since it is nicotine-free, many people use it to quit smoking.

There are many flavors available, and they can be easily purchased at convenience stores.

2)Ecigator Sticky

Sticky is a popular POD (pod) type vape.

Unlike myblu, this one is a type in which you fill the pod with your own liquid. You can fill it with your favorite liquid, and since it is easy to use, it can also be used as a sub machine.

Don't underestimate the POD (pod) type. The mist is quite tasty with a rich flavor.

3)Smoant Pasito (Pasito)

This is an unusual model that can also be used as a RBA while being a POD (pod) type. It is also a model that has increased the number of users due to its popularity.

It can be used as a POD, and you can also use RBA coils to build your own vape.

Above all, the design is cool, so we recommend this product.


What is POD (pod) type? I introduced the advantages and disadvantages, and recommended POD (pod) type VAPE.

It is a type that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and I believe that various products will be introduced to the market in the future.

If you are going to start vaping, or if you are already using a box type vape, why not take this opportunity to give it a try?