Luxury African Fashion Talk: Giving Inspiration

U.Mi-1 solidifies parts from the three countries that our Creative Boss calls home. It is a mix of Nigerian style, English fitting and Japanese craftsmanship. With its uncommon style, it encapsulates social exhaustiveness and it has enduring through african attire uk.

Above all, it moves african prints!. that was perfect through U.Mi-1's far reaching thought, you, me, everyone, can connect with the heartbeat of the African expanse of land. That was our goal and the present our principal objective.


At U.Mi-1, we keep up with that you ought to see ankara clothing uk past its models and prints. Just nigeria is contained 600 particular factions, which is a more modest than ordinary universe in itself. Every group has its uncommon culture and individual style.

Our groupings acclaim this assortment. For our ankara dress, U.Mi-1 typifies an exposure of our family as each variety starts with research. We really want to form a predominant cognizance of Nigerians according to the point of view of various nations. In like manner, we want you see yourself through us.


Gozi was ready by a Savile Section tailor, that at age 16 was a student couturier to the Master of african clothes store. He prepared Gozi to configuration cut and worth craftsmanship.

She cuts 80% of U.Mi-1's models. What she treasures most is the normal flow of arranging in african dress out of mistakes she makes that become weighty contemplations.

Energy Rouses

Gozi further developed her model abilities to cut in african print dresses, where precision and enthusiasm rule. There, the finishing of inside a garment is comparably fundamentally as critical as the arrangement outside. She has translated this as a love for individual lavishness.

Yet again in a U.Mi-1 garment, you track down something with each african dresses. Above all, there is an energy for the story behind the articles of clothing rather than its materialistic side.